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There is always the trade off of a brain freeze from drinking a frozen drink quickly, or a mass of ice suspended in liquid if you decide to wait. With the Blendy Straw, you can sip at your drink at leisure, and when the time is right, you can churn, churn churn. The drink will be right back to its original consistency and you will still have a perfectly functioning drinking straw.


Making a syrup drink is not terribly difficult, but the Blendy straw makes it super easy. After pouring the syrup into your milk, simply deploy your Blendy straw and mix it up. The straw is right there for you to use when you are done. Save yourself the dirty spoon, and it is a lot more fun!


Powdered Mixes

Just like using syrup, powdered mixes are a snap and fun with the Blendy straw! Just dump the powder into water or milk without the need of anything else - just mix away. The veins are EXCELLENT for mixing powder and work faster than a spoon. Check out the video of the Blendy straw in action [link to straw video] You have to see it to believe it.


Specialty Drinks

With just about any drink, the appearance is nearly as important as the taste. The Blendy straw is really COOL and adds a little something extra to a mixed drink. You can use your Blendy straw throughout your drinking experience to continually mix your drink as the ice melts to have the best flavor possible the entire time. What's even more is the novelty of the straw will spark a conversation every time.